Hotel Amenity Dispensers, a Win-Win for Both the Environment and the Vacation Rental Industry

Hotels have made many changes in recent years to modernize their bathrooms and make them more streamlined. One trend that has become increasingly popular among hotels is wall-mounted soap and shampoo dispensers. This bathroom amenity storage style is convenient for guests and looks great, adding an elegant touch to any bathroom decor. Wall-mounted dispensers provide a neat, organized look in the shower or bath area. Instead of having bulky bottles occupying counters or shelves, this storage system keeps everything neatly tucked away out of sight while still being easily accessible when needed, allowing hotel rooms to maintain a clean appearance while providing guests with access to the products they need during their stay. Luxury shower dispensers are a great way to eliminate waste and theft, a perfect solution for hotels and vacation rentals.

As the vacation rental industry continues to grow, more and more travelers are looking for properties that align with their values, including environmental sustainability. One way vacation rental owners and managers can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability is by offering large-format bathroom guest amenities rather than single-use.

Single-use toiletries, such as shampoo and conditioner bottles, significantly contribute to plastic waste. According to a report by Ocean Conservancy, travel-size toiletries are one of the top items found on beach cleanups worldwide. By switching to large-format and shower dispenser amenities, vacation rental owners and managers can significantly reduce the plastic waste their guests generate.

Large-format amenities also are more cost-effective for vacation rental owners and managers. Because they are larger and last longer, they do not need to be replaced as frequently as smaller, single-use amenities, saving money on the initial purchase and ongoing replacement costs.

In addition to being more environmentally sustainable and cost-effective, large-format amenities can provide a more luxurious experience for guests. Many travelers appreciate the convenience of not having to pack as many toiletries and the opportunity to use higher-quality products during their stay.

World Amenities is on a mission to simplify guest amenities, offering a streamlined selection of luxury shower dispensers. World Amenities currently offers two unique and proprietary designs, the MAGNETIX Pump Bottle System and the MAGNETIX Squeeze Bottle System. Both systems are wall-mounted shower dispensers; they can be mounted with screws or liquid nails. The designs are customizable and can be 1, 2, or 3 brackets holding which products you choose - for example, soap, shampoo, conditioner in the shower, and lotion and hand soap near the sink. World Amenities offers its best-selling house collections and can customize the designs. All wall-mounted dispenser systems are lockable and are easy to refill and replace.

Overall, switching to large-format bathroom guest amenities is a win-win for both the environment and the vacation rental industry. By making this change, vacation rental owners and managers can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, reduce costs, and provide a more luxurious experience for their guests.

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