Our Brand Partners

World Amenities proudly partners with world-class professional and luxury retail brands spanning beauty, lifestyle, fashion, and fragrance. Our goal is to offer products and brands that enhance the unique personality of each hotel property.

Bodyography® bridges the gap between professional artists and loyal beauty lovers. We are bringing quality, innovation, and clean beauty to everyone. We believe in simplifying beauty, embracing color, diving headfirst into trends, and experimenting with new looks. We whole-heartedly embrace everything that makes you bold, brilliant, and uniquely you.

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The barbershop isn't just a place to get a haircut or a shave. It's the hub of the community – where people get together to connect, exchange ideas, just hang and feel like themselves. We created Blind Barber to do just that, provide high-quality experiences and products to make you feel like the best you.

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Welcome to Dove – The Home of Real Beauty.  When it comes to care, we want to give you products you can trust for your skin and hair. But Dove care goes beyond our products. We want to redefine beauty standards and help everyone experience beauty and body image positively. We care about how we make our products and what goes into them, about the impact we have on our planet and how we can strive for a better, more sustainable way of being.

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