Our Story

World Amenities was founded in 2015 by the Leib brothers of the global corporation Robanda International; 20 year veterans of the cosmetic and beauty manufacturing industry.

Frequent travelers themselves, they were baffled and frustrated by the ordinary and common hotel amenities they would find waiting for them in their guest rooms: drying soaps, watery lotions and lifeless shampoos. The idea was conceived during a family vacation as the brothers realized they had all the components needed for creating and manufacturing quality guest room amenities. Back at the office Monday morning...World Amenities was born!

In a very short time, World Amenities has become an influencer on the standards and expectations of the hospitality industry. Our experienced team uniquely designs, formulates, customizes and manufactures each personal care guest room amenity, with artisanal skills and cosmetic-quality ingredients. Every detail is scrutinized to confirm our process and practices are protective not only of our bodies, but also our world. To ensure the footprint we leave behind is as small as possible, all products are environmentally-friendly, recyclable and biodegradable.

As we move into the next phase of hospitality trends, World Amenities is committed to anticipating and satisfying guests’ needs and providing a value proposition that exceeds their expectations.

At World Amenities, we understand; by creating a welcoming experience we nurture a sense of belonging. Let World Amenities help you choose the right design and products for your hotel and business needs today!

"Welcome to Our World."