The Best Bulk Travel Size Shampoo and Conditioner

As a rental property or hotel host, you are responsible for providing the essentials for your guest's short stay. While the bare bones are expected, going above and beyond your guest's expectations will reward you with positive reviews, return customers, and the ability to check off additional boxes regarding your property offering; in hospitality, it is all in the details.

When purchasing guest amenities, we know price plays a significant variable in your decision-making; your offering must be priced well and be self-serving; this is where your options come into play.

No matter what you choose to offer, travel amenities should always be purchased in bulk; this will save you money and the hassle of restocking your amenities. Guest amenities can be purchased as bulk travel-sized products, sold separately or in kits, or you can opt for a refill system and purchase bulk liquids for dispensers. Both amenities options are great and will provide your guests with the essentials they need, but there are pros and cons to both - let's dive in!

If you're looking to offer your guests a takeaway from their stay (aside from the memories), bulk travel-sized amenities are a good option for you. Mini shampoo, conditioner, and soap have always been a staple in luxury hotels, and this amenity program continues to be the golden standard of excellence in hospitality. Guests appreciate the professional, spa-like atmosphere travel-sized hotel amenities provide; they are fresh and clean and give the guests something to take away.

On the other side, with travel-sized guest amenities, there tends to be more waste, and it can be harder to track the usage. However, it provides your guests with elite service and can also be a way to showcase brands and use this feature as a selling tool for your property. 

If budget is your main priority, we suggest bulk liquids and a dispenser system as your guest amenities option. Dispensers can be placed near the bath/shower or mounted for a professional feel. Refilling your bulk dispensers ensures cleanliness and professionalism, extra points for putting a tamper-proof system in your property. The perks of bulk liquids are your counters will appear neat, less waste, and no need to replenish after each guest.

With bulk amenities, guests are often concerned about the cleanliness and find the thought of communal products unappealing; you also lose the takeaway aspect as guests cannot bring the products home with you. The key to bulk dispensers is cleanliness, be sure your dispensers are always in good condition as this will ensure your guests trust in the cleanliness of the products. 

Now that we have discussed the pros and cons of travel-sized amenities and bulk liquid dispensers, you must remember the other items you can purchase in bulk to add value to your property. For example, slippers, dental kits, sewing kits, and more! The more you offer, the better experience your guests will have.

In a short time, World Amenities has become an influencer on the standards and expectations of the hospitality industry. Our experienced team designs formulates, customizes, and manufactures each personal care guest room amenity with artisanal skills and cosmetic-quality ingredients.

Every detail is scrutinized to confirm that our processes and practices are protective of our bodies and our world. To ensure the footprint we leave behind is as tiny as possible, all products are environmentally-friendly, recyclable, and biodegradable.

As we move into the next phase of hospitality trends, World Amenities is committed to anticipating and satisfying guests' needs and providing a value proposition that exceeds their expectations.

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