Grooming Kit (Kraft Paper Sachet)
Grooming Kit (Kraft Paper Sachet)

Grooming Kit (Kraft Paper Sachet)


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Elevate your guests’ in-room experience to the next level with these eco-friendly and sustainable Kraft Paper and Wheat Straw Zero Plastic Packaging Accessory items. Crafted with care, this collection adds a touch of class and aligns with your commitment to environmental consciousness. We offer customizable options for your unique brand identity. Join us in positively impacting the planet with these elegant, plastic-free alternatives.

Discover the ultimate eco-friendly grooming solution with our Kraft Paper Sachet Grooming Kit. Carefully curated to enhance your daily routine while minimizing environmental impact, this kit is a testament to sustainable self-care.

Inside the chic and Plastic-Free Kraft Paper Sachet, you'll find a collection of essentials designed for both functionality and conscience:

2 Cotton Rounds: Soft and gentle on your skin, these cotton rounds are perfect for makeup removal or applying your favorite skincare products.

3 Bamboo Cotton Tips: An eco-conscious alternative to traditional cotton swabs, these bamboo cotton tips offer precision and versatility.

Sewing Kit: Stay prepared for wardrobe mishaps with our compact sewing kit, complete with threads, needles, and buttons – a true savior in times of fashion emergencies.

Emery Board: Keep your nails impeccably smooth and neat with our emery board, a must-have tool for maintaining your manicure.

Adhesive Bandage: A practical addition for those unexpected moments, our adhesive bandage ensures you're always ready to address minor cuts or scrapes.

Elevate your grooming routine today with this thoughtfully crafted selection of essentials.

Eco-Friendly “ZeroPlastic-Packaging” Cruelty-Free Recyclable
Crafted with care, PLASTIC FREE collection.
*All products in this collection are made with eco-friendly, sustainable Kraft Paper and Wheat Straw Zero Plastic Packaging Accessory items.
Case Information Product Details
Weight 7 lbs Includes 2 Cotton Rounds, 3 Bamboo Cotton Tips, Sewing Kit, Emery Board, Adhesive Bandage
Dimensions 16" x 8" x 13"
Quantity 300 pcs/case